• gertrude pswarayi

    gertrude pswarayi

  • Jesse Hall

    Jesse Hall

  • Ethan Tang

    Ethan Tang

    Personal finance nerd. Breaking down tough topics into bite-sized pieces. || Support my writing here: https://seedingwealth.medium.com/membership

  • Bernie Pullen

    Bernie Pullen

    Life experiences intrigue me. Parenting| bereavement|memoir,|travel writer. I’m a coffee lover, I keep grounded by walking in nature, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

  • Ndlovunqobanik


  • ernestofersa


  • Sam Maloney

    Sam Maloney

  • Sean Donovan

    Sean Donovan

    My ambition in life is to write at least one idea you find insightful. Damn the rest.

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